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    Hyperstarter is one of the Top 9 Kickstarter Marketing Agencies. We have raised over $8m for campaign owners without using paid advertising.

    Kickstarter is changing the ways entrepreneurs bring products to market.

    Whether it's raising money, building a brand or gathering feedback, Kickstarter is a powerful validation tool that has a huge audience.

    Only 34% of all campaigns reach their goal. Let's explore what makes a successful Crowdfunding campaign and what you should be doing.

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Kickstarter Marketing Guide
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So you’ve got an existing business or a brand new idea...NOW WHAT? How to Start a Kickstarter Campaign Strategy

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I felt a strategy guide like this one needed to be written but just wasn't available. Back in 2012, ever since Tim Ferriss' first launched the brilliant Hacking Kickstarter page which contained real-life examples and useful tips, there hasn't been anything as useful for campaign owners...until now.

The #1 most important thing in having a successful Kickstarter campaign is having a great product that serves an unmet need.

Crowdfunding isn't just about raising capital for startups, it can also be a great way to give your business a big marketing push - and one that pays for itself.

First Steps of Using Crowdfunding to Market your Business