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Have a great idea and need support? Crowdfunding helps fund a project, venture or charity scheme by using the internet to reach out to millions of potential backers on over 500 Platforms.

Donations, Rewards, Debt / Lending and Investment Crowdfunding are the Crowdfunding models. Campaign owners pitch, promote and raise money...a little like Shark Tank (US) and Dragon's Den (UK), but to a wider audience.

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Need pre-launch advice or have an ongoing campaign let's talk

Hyperstarter works by contacting influencers, using the right pitches and finding out which major writers/sites competitors connected with.

Thank you!!! 1,835 backers from 60 countries. We've worked with tons of people. No one can compare to how much value @Hyperstarter brought

StylusFlex (Direct Tweet), $55,521 raised.

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