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We focus on organic marketing, not just ads

Unlike many agencies that rely heavily on paid ads, Hyperstarter emphasizes organic marketing strategies. Our work is based on the specific needs and goals of each campaign.

Our software and consultancy services help fine-tune campaigns, substantially improve marketing and ultimately...reach more backers. Get in touch with us today


Data from over 250,000 successful campaigns for free


We've researched backlink data on the past most successful Kickstarter campaigns.

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Testimonials from crowdfunding influencers

Nice things industry leaders and influencers have said about us.

Roy Morejon
Roy Morejon President, Enventys Partners

“For the right campaign, Hyperstarter can be an additional great resource to improve your marketing efforts.”

Tyler James ComixLaunch

“I've had the chance to preview the Hyperstarter website based tool, and from what I've seen, it's pretty cool.”


“Hyperstarter enables crowdfunders to easily check their campaign and receive instant feedback and suggestions for improvement.”

Sal Briggman
Salvador Briggman CrowdCrux

“You'll discover a few killer ways to level up your campaign, along with practical suggestions for smashing through your fundraising goal.”

Product Hunt
Product Hunt

“Crowdfunding can be a daunting task, but Hyperstarter aims to make the process more transparent. The free tool will identify weaknesses in your campaign.”

Gadget Flow
The Gadget Flow

“The Kickstarter page carries a lot of importance for any crowdfunding campaign which loses its attention if not presented well. That's where Hyperstarter comes in place.”

Not sure how to promote your product? We've helped crowdfunding projects get featured on popular sites.

Fast Company
Mens Journal
New Atlas

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Have an idea, a prelaunch project or a live campaign? We can help with your crowdfunding marketing for maximum campaign awareness.