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Hyperstarter Tool & Listing Features

Enter your Kickstarter url and get instant analysis with actionable tips on what to improve. Need our help? List your Campaign with us.
  1. Responsive Design

    Responsive Design. Our site works on all devices.

  2. Up to Date Trends

    Up to Date Trends. Using the latest Web Site Technology.

  3. Crowdfunding Only

    Crowdfunding Only. It's the only thing we want to write about.

  4. Global Reach

    Global Reach. We connect to Crowdfunders Worldwide.

  5. Drum Up Interest

    Drum Up Interest. We connect you with your Niche Influencers.

  6. Free Analysis

    Free Analysis. Our tools can check your Campaign for Free.

  7. Let's Experiment

    Let's Experiment. We do things differently to stand out.

  8. Approach Us

    Approach Us. Feel free to get in touch, we will read every message.

  9. Review Your Project

    Review Your Project. We will give you a Custom Review.

  10. Project of the Day

    Project of the Week. Upgrade your Listing to get more Exposure.

  11. List Your Campaign

    List Your Project. We help to increase visibility via social media.

  12. Secure Payment

    Secure Payment. We use Paypal as a Secure Third Party processor.

Direct "Hands on" Reviews & Testimonials

Some of the cool projects we've marketed and the things campaign owners have written about us

“Thanks to @Hyperstarter @GilesDawe for all the support with our Kickstarter campaign!” SEK 260,079 raised, Direct Tweet


SketchyNotebook Campaign

“Highly recommend the team from @Hyperstarter ! Only wish we'd start working with them sooner!” $60,079 raised, Direct Tweet


Ferro Watch Campaign

“@Hyperstarter Helped our Ferro Distinct 2 watch campaign raise an additional $20k, thanks” CA$ 83,958, Direct Tweet

Ferro Watch

BeanAbout Campaign

“@Hyperstarter did a fantastic job promoting us in such a short timeframe on major sites like The Awesomer & we managed to reach our goal” AU$ 27,871 raised, Direct Tweet


Zahnd & Kormann Campaign

“Thanks to @Hyperstarter for give "hands on" help with our prelaunch & we've overfunded already. Recommended!” CHF 136,153 raised, Direct Tweet

Zahnd & Kormann

The Ergo Campaign

“Shout out to @Hyperstarter thanks for your awesome guidance on our campaign! Great investment!” $767,193 raised, Direct Tweet

The Ergo

MeArm Pi Campaign

“Thanks @Hyperstarter for helping out on the MeArm Pi Campaign! Good working with you.” £56,376 raised, Direct Tweet

MeArm Pi

Von Doren Campaign

“Thx for the help on our campaign @Hyperstarter” NOK 550,067 raised, Direct Tweet

Von Doren

Product Hunt

“Crowdfunding can be a daunting task, but Hyperstarter aims to make the process more transparent. The free tool will identify weaknesses in your campaign.” Direct Link

Product Hunt

The Gadget Flow

“The Kickstarter page carries a lot of importance for any crowdfunding campaign which loses its attention if not presented well. That’s where Hyperstarter comes in place.” Direct Link

The Gadget Flow

ComixLaunch Interview

“I've had the chance to preview the Hyperstarter tool, and from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty cool.” Direct Link


Springwise writeup

“Hyperstarter enables crowdfunders to easily check their campaign and receive instant feedback and suggestions for improvement.” Direct Link


Who We Are & Connect With Us

We've been featured on Product Hunt, Spring Wise and many other mainstream sites. Feel free to Get in Touch and contact us.
Giles Dawe

Giles Dawe is the owner and English creative artist. A graduate of UWIC, UK and Beaux Arts de Nantes, France with a degree in Fine Art (Painting). He lead his own bootstrapped startups ranging from a popular search directory (First Asian Directory accepted as a W3c Member) to a gift ideas site. He's helped campaign owners to be featured on BBC News, Verge, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next Web, and more. LinkedIn Icon

Anna Schwartz

Anna Schwartz grew up in China and moved to the US in 2006 to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Engineering from Cornell University. After graduation, she spent four years working as a Traffic Engineer at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Realizing her passion of technologies was not limited to transportation, she successfully founded her own startup to work with researchers and technical communities around the world. She loves working with data and using her research and analytical skills to ensure customers are impressed with their experience. As the principal consultant at Hyperstarter, she feels extremely lucky to get to work with the most creative minds in the crowdfunding community and to help them succeed. LinkedIn Icon

Nisha Tejwani

Nisha Tejwani was born in India, completed graduation from Calcautta University and finished a Masters Degree in Commerce from Annamalai University. After completing graduation she developed her skills on the internet. Nisha's tasks over the past 6 years range from data entry to writing articles on a wide range of interesting subjects for a variety of websites and established blogs. She is new to crowdfunding but understands the development around Asia to the rest of the world.