War Pong

A Beer Pong inspired 3D game platform containing 25+ pre-developed games or you can create your own - Exciting, entertaining and fun!

The War Pong Game Kit includes a patent pending track system, multiple colored cups, dice, legs and other components so players can build and play one of our 25 games "right out of the box." These games offer a wide variety of game play - from fun to strategic, some heavily skill based while others you can win with a bit of luck. There are games to suit all ages and each War Pong Game Kit delivers countless hours of variety, fun and excitement!

  • Campaign Ends: September 3 2020
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
War Pong War Pong Thumbnail
War Pong War Pong Thumbnail
War Pong War Pong Thumbnail

Posted On: July 28 2020

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