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The Gothies

The GOTHIES is a unique deck-building card game that can be played as either a head-to-head competition or a solitaire/cooperative tower defense game. Each box is ready to play for 1-2 people, get two and play up to 4!

Players enter the mythical world of Meedlan as a Streya (Dreamer). In the competitive game, two Streya use their resources to build the best decks they can in an effort to make songs so powerful that they wake the other dreamer up. When they succeed, they win and their opponent is transported out of Meedlan back to the real world. As a co-op/solitaire game, the player must try to fend off all the monsters and joombies intent on destroying the well and turning the dreamland into the stuff of nightmares.

  • Posted On: November 17 2022
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Unique deck-building

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