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SwitchBot S10

S10 is the world's first fully automated floor cleaning robot with auto water refill and drain. Its innovative compact water station is adaptable to kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room plumbing, and installation only takes a few minutes. S10 has the best cleaning performance, with a 6500Pa high suction power, auto empty, self-cleaning roller mop and auto mop drying. S10 is also the world's first robot capable of refilling a humidifier.

With their very own designed industry first auto-refilling and draining Water Station system, SwitchBot S10 is able to self-sufficiently clean your home, removing the need to manually refill its water tank with fresh water and pour out sewage so that you don't have to remember to do so yourself, all completely hands-free.

  • Campaign: Ended
  • Posted On: October 16 2023
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Floor Cleaning Robot

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