• SOOCAS Neos
  • SOOCAS Neos


Soocas Neos vibrates at high frequencies to produce thick bubbles, allowing the toothpaste foam to enter difficult-to-clean areas such as interdental gaps and the gum line via the flossing feature. Following this, the active chemicals in toothpaste work to reduce the growth of bacteria and freshen your breath.

Many electric toothbrushes stress the necessity of cleaning and caring for one's teeth. However, depending just on intense vibration and a W-shaped bristle pattern is insufficient to effectively care for your teeth. Soocas Neos employs a CompClean brush heard to remove surface stains while flossing away food residue in gaps and the gums to achieve 40 times more plaque removal than other high-frequency sonic electric toothbrushes.

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  • Posted On: May 24 2023
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2-in-1 Brushing & Flossing Electric Toothbrush

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