Solar Chess

This is the first chess with a combination of entertainment and education. We can play the chess game and at the same moment we have the chance to learn about solar panel reaction.

Igor Akrap was on an interview at a solar company, he was looking around the whole production process of solar panels to see how it's made. Then suddenly he saw that the solar panel fields are quite the same like on the chess board. Afterwards, he was outside and the sun hit him like thunder, he then came up with his idea. During the way back home, in the bus he was thinking about the whole process of solar reaction, while the sun still hit him through the window. He thought he could combine glass chess with a solar panel to explain how it works.

  • Campaign Ends: June 28 2019
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Solar Chess Solar Chess Thumbnail
Solar Chess Solar Chess Thumbnail
Solar Chess Solar Chess Thumbnail

Posted On: May 10 2019

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