Greyson Kelley created SkullCrows as a way to celebrate his favorite holiday (Halloween, duh!) all year long.

He has only ever been able to produce a few of these sculptures at a time, so he rallied up a small team that is going to help him produce these guys on a large scale quickly to get them to their new homes all across the US just in time for October! They are passionate about the amount of detail in their products and could not be more excited to bring you your very own SkullCrow to haunt your home for years to come!

  • Campaign Ends: September 16 2020
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
SkullCrows SkullCrows Thumbnail
SkullCrows SkullCrows Thumbnail
SkullCrows SkullCrows Thumbnail

Posted On: August 17 2020

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