Reswirl is revolutionary. Send used brushes back to us for assured recycling. Biodegradable body will never become a future problem.

Reswirl toothbrush handles will be made from a special blend of bio-based plastics which are also biodegradable even at low temperatures like home compost or the sea. One of the main ingredients is polymerised directly from plant feedstocks, while the other is derived through a microbial fermentation of crops like corn or cassava (all non-GMO). The ingredients (all certified as safe for food contact too) are blended carefully and prepared as pellets for injection moulding.

  • Campaign Ends: June 13 2020
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Reswirl Reswirl Thumbnail
Reswirl Reswirl Thumbnail
Reswirl Reswirl Thumbnail

Posted On: April 14 2020

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