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Landscape is witnessed as a space but experienced in time. The series of images of Resonance are of the planet as a process, moments in weather and changing landscape no longer present. It is witnessing the changes that are happening through seasons, climates and shifting lands, aiming for an understanding that we as humanity are one such force, powerful, all changing but gone tomorrow.

Some of the work in the book has been exhibited in Charles H. Scott gallery in Vancouver, Canada, White Space gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland and Laterna Magica Gallery in Helsinki. The series and narratives around the images was developed into a book with the help of Creative Scotland Sustainable Development grant.

  • Campaign Ends: August 20 2021
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Resonance Resonance Thumbnail
Resonance Resonance Thumbnail
Resonance Resonance Thumbnail

Posted On: July 21 2021

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