Elastic Pump

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This elastic lotion pump and bottle are not only recyclable but also can reduce the use of plastic and increase sustainability.

Plastic bottle wastage: according to NAPCOR, the bottle recycling rate was 29.2% in 2017. 70% all bottles, equivalent to 1,899,000,000 kg of plastic bottle wastage, were incinerated or sent to landfills in the US. 10% of the population used the refill pack, it would reduce plastic wastage in the US by 58,000,000 kg per year. The elastic pump innovation that comes in different shapes and structures. What's more, it functions much better than the traditional one. An elastic pump can be made to work like a traditional one with only three components and two materials!

  • Campaign Ends: August 15 2019
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Elastic Pump Elastic Pump Thumbnail
Elastic Pump Elastic Pump Thumbnail
Elastic Pump Elastic Pump Thumbnail

Posted On: July 13 2019

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