Our Journey

A series of short films exploring the Yemen humanitarian crisis and the Yemen refugee issue on Jeju island, South Korea.

We share the stories of several of the refugees talking about their lives and share their thoughts about what is happening in Yemen. The films will be exploring the lives of several of the refugees currently living on Jeju, and their journey so far, talking about their lives before entering Jeju and after. We question the idea of several words that we all take for granted in our everyday life and what they mean to us all. Dreams, hope, struggle, family, passion, and life. These words often have very simple associations to us but to refugees, these words can cause fear, pain or sometimes delight.

  • Campaign Ends: February 8 2019
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Our Journey Our Journey Thumbnail
Our Journey Our Journey Thumbnail
Our Journey Our Journey Thumbnail

Posted On: January 9 2019

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