MUi Leash

MUi leash is a patent pending, magnetic leash that gets your pup ready for a walk without effort. MUi leash is functional, reliable, and durable.

Dual-magnet assisted system is designed to make latching effortless. The magnets are designed for a quick connection and for perfect alignment between the carabiner and the latch. Solely using magnets to secure a connection is NOT reliable. We designed a dual-hook system to provide maximum security. The latch is essentially locked by the dual-hook system. We have careful considerations on metal sections, surface finishes, and we also performed extensive manufacturability analysis to maximize reliability and durability.

  • Campaign Ends: September 17 2020
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
MUi Leash MUi Leash Thumbnail
MUi Leash MUi Leash Thumbnail
MUi Leash MUi Leash Thumbnail

Posted On: August 15 2020

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