Memeball's mission is to get memes into every home and workplace. They have chosen the most awesome, funniest, and epic memes and transformed them into a piece of art. They put memes inside the beautiful clear glass, using lasers and RGB.

There are a lot of memes on the internet that will improve your day when you are not in a good mood. And you should always have your Memeball in your hand. Featuring: 5 memes and 3 sizes to choose from, pedestal with backlight, a color-changing effect, glass sphere made of quality workmanship, shaped like a rectangle or square, using lasers and RGB technology and an iconic design piece.

  • Campaign Ends: January 31 2022
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Memeball Memeball Thumbnail
Memeball Memeball Thumbnail
Memeball Memeball Thumbnail

Posted On: December 16 2021

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