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  • Little Worlds Dice
  • Little Worlds Dice

Little Worlds Dice

Designed specifically for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Warhammer 40k, the Little Worlds Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set features small images carved into the surface of a rounded pill, giving the dice a 3D effect and elevating the experience for tabletop wargaming and roleplaying games.

The Little Worlds Resin Dice Set provides players with a unique and highly customized gaming experience. Each set includes six handmade sets of highly detailed and intricately designed RPG dice made from hard resin. The dice are fully customized with unique designs that capture fantasy and sci-fi settings set on a 3D glass patch. With this dice set, players can relive exciting adventures with friends or create a tale all their own.

  • Campaign: Ended
  • Posted On: August 29 2023
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