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HiDock H1

HiDock H1 with HiNotes is a state-of-the-art hardware + software solution for calls and meetings with automatic note-taking. It provides noise-free communication and voice recording with ChatGPT powered transcription and summary. It is also packed with a neat 11-port dock, so you get a clutter-free desk.

HiDock H1 is designed for versatility, catering to a wide range of users. Whether you need well-structured meeting notes, including outlines, to-do lists, summaries, a way to remember random ideas from conversations, an easy review of engaging podcasts, capturing important info from phone calls, or taking notes during online lectures, HiDock H1 has you covered.

  • Campaign: Ended
  • Posted On: November 14 2023
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ChatGPT-Powered Audio Dock

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