Introducing Hexed, a collection of sharp edged dice that capture the essence of ancient magic.

All the sets in the Hexed Collection are vivid and sharp edged, with lots of gorgeous holo foil, a sprinkling of glitter and black wisps of resin threaded throughout. Every set will come in a high quality, PU leather display and storage box.

In the murk of the deep woods and the chill of long abandoned places you’ll find whispers of an ancient, sometimes malevolent magic.

While adventurers tread softly, hoping to deftly avoid the ebb and flow of unbridled potential there are those who speak of harnessing it and bringing forth the luck to command their own fate while blighting those who might stand against them.

Hexed Hexed Thumbnail
Hexed Hexed Thumbnail
Hexed Hexed Thumbnail

Posted On: January 18 2022

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