Herd of Hounds

Herd of Hounds is an online, multiplayer, browser dog game like no other that celebrates all things dog. Play with your dogs, breed them, raise their pups, bond with them, walk them, train them, compete with them, dress them up, and show them off to your friends! Combining popular concepts that have outlasted time in the browser game world with more modern gameplay that is often found in mobile games, Herd of Hounds offers a hybrid gaming experience for dog lovers of all types

Purebred dogs are a memory of the past. After an incredibly contagious virus sterilized all purebred dogs, only mutts remain. Within their genetics lies the key to re-creating the breeds from years past. Highly skilled dog breeders with the insight to make good pairings are in high demand. With the world population of dogs highly decimated, even the weirdest dogs produced are extremely valuable.

  • Campaign Ends: June 6 2021
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Herd of Hounds Herd of Hounds Thumbnail
Herd of Hounds Herd of Hounds Thumbnail
Herd of Hounds Herd of Hounds Thumbnail

Posted On: April 29 2021

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