• Eff, Marry, Kill
  • Eff, Marry, Kill
  • Eff, Marry, Kill

Eff, Marry, Kill

Today, everyone is either on dating apps or wants to scroll through their friends’ dating apps to judge guys, so Party Time Games decided to turn it into an actual game. Throw in bachelorette parties and their love of card games, and this gossip-inspired card game is the perfect late-night, 3+-espresso martinis-deep way to pass the time.

EMK is part dating app, part playing F*ck, Marry, Kill, and part nostalgia for Dream Phone (‘80s and ‘90s ladies, IYKYK). Who among us hasn't scrolled through a dating app and said to a friend, “This guy is literally perfect for you!”? By turning everyone into a matchmaker, it will answer the ultimate question: How well do you know your friends’ taste in men? (And will she be single forever? JK of course not!).

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  • Campaign Ends: March 7 2023
  • Posted On: January 17 2023
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Dating is a game. Time to play.

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