Convenient, detachable belt loop to eliminate dangling belt ends.

Beltpin is a convenient, detachable extra belt loop that fits onto almost any belt. It holds the loose end effectively in place, can be placed in seconds, and comes in a range of beautiful leather colours to match your belt. Beltpin's timeless and minimalistic design not only solve the problem of dangling belt ends but also gives your outfit a touch of style. The natural pigmentation in the top grain vegetable tan leather used in Beltpin makes every single beltpin unique. Beltpin's mission is to rid the world of dangling belt ends, turning your great looks into flawless looks!

  • Campaign Ends: September 26 2019
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Beltpin Beltpin Thumbnail
Beltpin Beltpin Thumbnail
Beltpin Beltpin Thumbnail

Posted On: August 29 2019

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