Alter Titan

Alter Titan is a version of you fueled by exercise. Featuring a universe of camaraderie, teamwork and epicness.

For a very large segment of people, finding the motivation and accountability to exercise and fitness train on the kind of regular schedule needed to make improvements is very difficult. On the other hand, gaming is something they enjoy, can find time for and actively pursue accomplishments in. The software developers from Exantra Teams saw this problem and have come up with a novel solution - bringing sci-fi gaming with great graphics and a compelling storyline together with real-life exercise tracked with a device like a smartwatch or FitBit in the program Alter Titan.

  • Campaign Ends: September 18 2019
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
Alter Titan Alter Titan Thumbnail
Alter Titan Alter Titan Thumbnail
Alter Titan Alter Titan Thumbnail

Posted On: August 27 2019

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