Shin Jardbo

100% Raw silk. Exceptionally skin beneficial. Completely biodegradable. Highly functional.

Most travel towels on the market are made of microfibre. Microfibre is a synthetic man-made material, mainly made from polyester (plastic) that is popular in the outdoor industry because of its lightweight and quick drying properties. However, it does release tiny pieces of plastic fibres into nature when it is manufactured, being used and washed, and they do not biodegrade. The Shin Jardbo travel towel is made of 100% raw silk, a completely natural material as functional as the most advanced synthetic materials, yet much more beneficial for you and the nature. It does not harm our oceans, protects the marine environments and beautiful islands on our planet.

  • Campaign Ends: August 24 2020
  • Campaign Type: Indiegogo
Shin Jardbo Shin Jardbo Thumbnail
Shin Jardbo Shin Jardbo Thumbnail
Shin Jardbo Shin Jardbo Thumbnail

Posted On: July 23 2020

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