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MySoulmate is an app that would like to help people find a relationship, love or soulmate. There is currently a beta version only for Android. The campaign should help develop the app for iOS as well, and add more features for both.

In popular thinking, the soulmate is the other half of the apple: that person who completes us, that person which we are in complete harmony with, which we get along with without trying, that person that is made just for us. This way of thinking, however, makes us believe that there is only one person in the world that has those qualities, that this person is extremely difficult to find, and that soulmates are for life. In fact, for each one of us there are many soulmates that can be different from one another and that are not for life, therefore they are not that difficult to find. Soulmates are real! We only need a little faith to find them.

  • Campaign Ends: June 27 2021
  • Campaign Type: Indiegogo
MySoulmate MySoulmate  Thumbnail
MySoulmate MySoulmate  Thumbnail
MySoulmate MySoulmate  Thumbnail

Posted On: May 1 2021

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