Investors will have the opportunity to join growing Biotech and eco-friendly packaging sectors with the announcement of Univenture's new funding round on crowdsourcing-investment platform WeFunder – the largest funding portal by number of investments, investment volume and investor returns.

Univenture Inc. announced this new WeFunder funding round to build on experience and success, by bringing new products and technologies into the market to drive revenue and profit expansion. By accelerating their key product lines through strategic marketing and sales efforts, Univenture will add to their US based manufacturing capabilities and also increase their stake in Biosortia Microbiomics for further upside potential.

  • Campaign Ends: July 31 2022
  • Campaign Type: Wefunder
Univenture Univenture Thumbnail
Univenture Univenture Thumbnail
Univenture Univenture Thumbnail

Posted On: April 18 2022

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