Even Though loose tea tastes better, everyone brew tea in bags for convenience. Brewing loose tea and coffee need separate tools like an infuser, strainer, filter and spoon. Still it's a messy job, whilst not quick and easy. infusinGo comes handy as it's attachable to the cup. Ideal for drinking loose tea and coffee at work.

With infusinGo you decide how strong your tea or coffee is going to be. From here on out, you are in complete control of your tea-drinking or coffee-drinking experience. Use it to wake yourself up in the morning or to keep yourself moving in the afternoon.

  • Campaign Ends: July 4 2021
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
InfusinGo InfusinGo Thumbnail
InfusinGo InfusinGo Thumbnail
InfusinGo InfusinGo Thumbnail

Posted On: May 25 2021

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