A one-click open straw that is super easy to clean. No foul smell, taste or residue! Helps reduce garbage from our oceans.

ClickStraw overcomes all the shortcomings of traditional straws and presents a better alternative that contributes to the betterment of our environment. Made from TPE, ClickStraw is can be click opened lengthwise, for the cleaning process, so there is no residue left inside for a clean and hygienic straw that is ready to be used again. It is dishwasher safe and suitable for both hot and cold drinks.TPE is also considered better than Bioplastics, as the latter involves a complex recycling process. The use of TPE ensures that the straw is resistant, lasts for a long time and can easily be recycled.

  • Campaign Ends: October 3 2020
  • Campaign Type: Kickstarter
ClickStraw ClickStraw Thumbnail
ClickStraw ClickStraw Thumbnail
ClickStraw ClickStraw Thumbnail

Posted On: September 1 2020

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