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Shiba Seigaiha

Shiba Seigaiha: Japanese playing cards

Seigalabs is creating a Japanese inspired playing card incorporating Japanese culture, history and design.

Project Ends: June 5 2020


Reswirl: Biodegradable plastic toothbrush

Reswirl is revolutionary. Send used brushes back to us for assured recycling. Biodegradable body will never become a future problem.

Project Ends: June 13 2020

Kuaizi Umbrella

Kuaizi Umbrella: Indestructible Folding Umbrella

The toughest umbrella in the world with an inbuilt folding action.

Project Ends: June 13 2020

Glacon 650g Customizable Everyday Backpack

Glacon 650g Customizable Everyday Backpack: Everyday Backpack

A Super lightweight everyday backpack / 650g weight only / ideal for minimalist/ Customizable for different occasions/ Anti theft.

Project Ends: June 16 2020

Gaim A-365 Golf Putter

Gaim A-365 Golf Putter: New A-365 Putter

With amplified patented Axis Control Technology, let your eyes see what your hands are doing.

Project Ends: June 18 2020



RnB meets Synthwave, M3XX D4MIAN returns with a unique Album.

Project Ends: June 24 2020


Avocajoe: Original Avocado Coffee

Avocajoe is the first shelf stable, ready-to-drink "butter" coffee made with avocado.

Project Ends: June 25 2020

Capable #1 & #2

Capable #1 & #2: Superhero Comic Book Series

A full color superhero comic book series with 24 pages of story in each issue. For mature readers.

Project Ends: June 25 2020

ROTO-Q 360

ROTO-Q 360: Non-Electric Rotisserie

Breathe new life into your cooking appliances and start producing restaurant-quality, rotisserie-style fare in your very own home Today

Project Ends: June 27 2020