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VENIM: Customizable Denim Jackets

Designed by you, delivered fresh by us. Manufactured in Los Angeles from upcycled designer denim.

Project Ends: August 22 2019

VHS - Sunglasses

VHS - Sunglasses: Straight From Italian Designers

From the Heart of the Venetian lagoon to your doorstep. Real Italian Design back to its roots.

Project Ends: August 23 2019

The Pacific

The Pacific: Love The Planet You Walk On

An All Day Shoe Made From Recycled Leather & Algae Taking A Big Step Towards A Zero Carbon Future.

Project Ends: August 24 2019

Monsters in Spaaaace!

Monsters in Spaaaace!: Dragon's Root Press

A collection of short fiction in which classic monsters terrorize a space setting.

Project Ends: August 29 2019

Toilet Ventilation System

Toilet Ventilation System: Revolutionizes Toilets

Revolutionizes how to ventilate toilets.

Project Ends: August 30 2019

EZSTAX File Organizers

EZSTAX File Organizers: New Way to Sort, File and Store

Sort your papers by spreading out on EZSTAX, and then stack them up to make a neatly organized filing system. Spread back out again any time.

Project Ends: September 5 2019


Techlandia: Silicon Valley meets Lovecraft

Silicon Valley meets Lovecraft in the Game of Smartphones and Supernatural Horror!

Project Ends: September 5 2019

ZolaBean Dresses

ZolaBean Dresses: Made from Recycled Coffee

The world's most sustainable and versatile dresses packed with features.

Project Ends: September 10 2019


LightUp: Light Up Your Lives

More than just to beautify spaces and transform the environment, Light Up designed to bring joys to our lives by combining leisure activities to lighting.

Project Ends: September 16 2019

Apollo AR Clock and Saturn V AR Metal Model

Apollo AR Clock and Saturn V AR Metal Model: APOLLO 50th

An augmented reality clock and lifelike metal model. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NASA Apollo 11 moon landing.

Project Ends: September 17 2019