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Envikit: Reusable Cutlery

You are out having a picnic with friends, camping in the mountains, enjoying lunch at work or in the street, there’s always the need for sturdy and convenient cutlery. Unlike plastic cutlery that ends up in landfills and the oceans, the Envikit Utensil Set contains a carefully selected choice of the more commonly used utensils that you can carry anywhere to enjoy any meal or beverage.

Project Ends: October 20 2021

Myth Watch

Myth Watch: Unique as your Fingerprint

Myth Watch are premium automatic watches handcrafted with the use of 3 natural stones: Lapis Lazuli, Malachite and Tiger Eye.

Project Ends: October 23 2021

Urashima Taro

Urashima Taro: Journey Under The Sea

Urashima Taro is a storybook meant for learners of all ages. Children especially have a burning curiosity and a desire to learn, while adults often over-complicate the learning process making it harder for themselves; this storybook help fulfill these needs by providing an enjoyable and very easy to read

Project Ends: October 24 2021



A blank designer toy with a whole new world of creative possibilities for everyone one to enjoy.

Project Ends: October 26 2021

FOW KOI Sneakers

FOW KOI Sneakers: Athleisure Shoes

FOW is a sneaker for every need: sneakers, hiking shoes, aqua shoes, outdoor shoes, and slippers.

Project Ends: October 28 2021

Don't Cross Me!

Don't Cross Me!: Devious Game

DON'T CROSS ME! is a highly-strategic game of connected card sets and runs (and "buttmunchery"). Players take turns adding to the central puzzle, earning "Deevies" from the Devious Deck, and carefully plotting the demise of anyone who crosses them!

Project Ends: October 29 2021


InkBlot: Platform just for Creatives

Although currently unreleased and in development, InkBlot will have all the features you see and are familiar with from other social media channels - but all combined into one creator-friendly platform. They are working hard to create something that meets the ever-evolving needs of the modern-day artist.

Project Ends: October 31 2021


FirstRec: Awesome Voice Recorder

Form, function and fun, all in a one-of-a-kind voice-activated recorder designed for the ULTIMATE user experience!

Project Ends: November 1 2021


QUIKBILD: Off-site Building System

The QUIKBILD system addresses the world's massive housing shortage by building cheaper, faster, better - without cement, bricks or timber !

Project Ends: November 1 2021


2020: The Best Year Ever

2020: The Best Year Ever (The Game) is what happens when you lock people up for an extended period of time and give them too much time to think about how absolutely crazy our world is and create a board game that rejects the norms and embraces the insanity that was 2020.

Project Ends: November 1 2021