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Kuaizi Umbrella

Kuaizi Umbrella: Indestructible Umbrella

The toughest umbrella in the world with an inbuilt folding action.

Project Ends: June 23 2020

Did You Really Just...

Did You Really Just...: An Adult Party Game

An adult party game that requires you to shout out the first thing that pops into your head, which is almost always hilarious. It is easy to learn and can be played with groups large and small!

Project Ends: August 13 2020


Conversifi: Learn language from locals

Conversifi connects you with native speakers so you can practice speaking another language through authentic conversations over our video-chat platform.

Project Ends: August 13 2020

Another Crusade

Another Crusade: Timed-battle RPG

The spiritual successor of a super RPG and its seven stars. A timed-battle role playing game where timing and strategy is all!

Project Ends: August 21 2020

Shin Jardbo

Shin Jardbo: Raw Silk Travel Towel

100% Raw silk. Exceptionally skin beneficial. Completely biodegradable. Highly functional.

Project Ends: August 24 2020


CleanClick: No-Touch Stylus

Avoid Direct Contact & Germ Transmission From Public Doors, Store Checkouts, ATMs, Elevator Buttons!

Project Ends: August 29 2020

WOKY Bottle

WOKY Bottle: Preserve Your Drinks

Designed for travelling light. Woky is a unique BPA free, slim, thermo-insulated, leakproof, anti-bacterial ceramic thermos.

Project Ends: August 29 2020


Aria: Simple, breathable protection

Aria is the only scarf with a nanofiber anti-pollution layer.

Project Ends: August 30 2020


Naturr: Compensate your CO2 Emissions

Track your own CO2 balance and compensate your CO2 emission by planting trees and follow their growth via the Naturr app.

Project Ends: August 30 2020

My Music Studio in Berlin

My Music Studio in Berlin: Create a small music studio

This project is about building a music studio for supporting independent artists on the green east side of Berlin.

Project Ends: September 2 2020