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Kuaizi Umbrella

Kuaizi Umbrella: Indestructible Umbrella

The toughest umbrella in the world with an inbuilt folding action.

Project Ends: June 23 2020


Eco-loafers: Durable Vegan Shoes

Made of mugwort herb, cotton and hemp, the handcrafted unisex loafers bring health and comfort to you when you just simple put them on.

Project Ends: October 23 2020


Gingerbrackets: Candy Construction System

There is one thing even the great Ron Swanson struggles with... Building a gingerbread house (see his personal experience in this campaign.) Designed for you, and guys like Ron too: Gingerbrackets allow building gingerbread houses without frosting or glue.

Project Ends: October 25 2020

Luna Display for Windows

Luna Display for Windows: iPad to Wireless

Luna wirelessly extends your desktop from Mac or PC to iPad, so you can have untethered productivity. Take your workflow with you wherever you want - from home, to the office, and everywhere in between.

Project Ends: October 30 2020

YOUR Underwear

YOUR Underwear: Premium Made Affordable

Exploring the alternative fabrics of TENCEL Lyocell and SilverPure.

Project Ends: October 31 2020

Pick'd Off

Pick'd Off: Social Card Game

Pick'd Off is a social card game for all ages where the goal is to pick the best items related to the selected round topic. If your picks are the best, funniest, most random or whatever the reasoning determined by the dealer, you win the round.

Project Ends: November 2 2020

Ellodee Sound Companion

Ellodee Sound Companion: Sound Companion

The Ellodee Sound Companion is a breakthrough audio console designed to be loved by kids of all ages and grow with them throughout childhood!

Project Ends: November 3 2020


Cwash: Clean Teeth in 30 seconds

Cwash is the world first totally automatic and gradual release dental cleaning device that doesn't need any toothpaste.

Project Ends: November 10 2020

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds: Landing Day

Based on the work of H.G. Wells and his classic novel, Landing Day tells the tale of the Martian arrival near Dunningham (a fictional village in the UK). The hero of the tale is you - as the intrepid Hunter trying to feed his family following a global pandemic. Once you escape (hopefully) the initial encounter, gameplay begins. The idea of the game revolves around the concept of a Tripod hunt.

Project Ends: November 15 2020


FullGear: Customizable Tritium Watch

Reading time in complete darkness is always one of the biggest challenges for every watch maker. The FullGear team has selected one of the best solutions, gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS).

Project Ends: November 21 2020