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Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy: Smart Bird Feeder

A smart bird feeder that notifies you of bird visitors, captures their photos and organizes them in a beautiful collection.

Project Ends: July 31 2021


Asteria: Reincarnation Anthology

A high-fantasy reincarnation anthology about a bewildered assassin in a world of new beginnings.

Project Ends: August 1 2021

Paramount Pocket Knife

Paramount Pocket Knife : Everyday Carry

Minimalistic design with maximum functionality and a clean aesthetic look that will never go out of style, year after year.

Project Ends: August 3 2021

Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen: Mobile Strategy Game

Multi-player mobile strategy game that caters to both Free 2 Play and Pay 2 Play. Focused on players.

Project Ends: August 7 2021

The Trumpets

The Trumpets: Prophetic Passages

The biblical end-time is already upon us and the Antichrist walks among men. The Trump family will play a major role in the future, as prophetic passages of past, present and future events foretold in the Bible are finally deciphered.

Project Ends: August 11 2021


Resonance: Book of Photography and Writing

Landscape is witnessed as a space but experienced in time. The series of images of Resonance are of the planet as a process, moments in weather and changing landscape no longer present. It is witnessing the changes that are happening through seasons, climates and shifting lands, aiming for an understanding that we as humanity are one such force, powerful, all changing but gone tomorrow.

Project Ends: August 20 2021


Voxstory: Tabletop Roleplaying

VoxStory is the cinematic way to experience tabletop roleplaying, bringing it to the big screen, like your very own movie.

Project Ends: August 22 2021


GetUpp: It's time to GetUpp

GetUpp has a clear mission to reduce sedentary behavior around the world. Research shows that we sit for an average of 11-13 hours each day. This primarily applies to people with sedentary work as they sit for approx. 6-7 hours at work each day. Because most of our sitting hours are at the office, this is also where we have the best chance to break the sedentary behavior.

Project Ends: September 5 2021