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VARRAM: Smart Robot For Your Pet

A friendly, pet robot with a mobile application to keep your pet active, happy and healthy while you're away.

Project Ends: October 18 2018

Ice Cold Killer

Ice Cold Killer: Cold as ice, cool in glass

Inspired by WWII contact naval mines, "Ice Cold Killer" is a stainless steel ice cube/whiskey stone with the shape of a naval mine.

Project Ends: December 18 2018

The Regenerative Tee

The Regenerative Tee: Light on the body, Light on the Planet

Meet our high-performance, lightweight technical shirt. Made with our signature Air-knit fabric.

Project Ends: December 20 2018

RFIDsecur Wallet

RFIDsecur Wallet: Slide Pay Go

A thin, lightweight, minimalist wallet that makes contactless effortless and secure. Simply: Slide Pay Go!

Project Ends: December 20 2018


Trinus-3-in-1-bag : Transformable 3-in-1 Bag

Use it as a crossbody bag, Turn it into a laptop bag. Expand it to a weekender travel bag.

Project Ends: December 31 2018

Travel Bag Buddy

Travel Bag Buddy: Travel Organizer & Secure a Bag

Quickly access your items on the go and secure a 2nd bag to your rolling luggage. TSA optimized.

Project Ends: December 31 2018

Boomerang V2

Boomerang V2: Bike Anti-theft System

The most advanced GPS tracker, bike anti-theft and crash detection device available. 50% smaller.

Project Ends: December 31 2018


Dripio: Smart Watering Technology

Wi-fi connected watering controller with smart valves to individually water and care for garden plants, beds and green fences.

Project Ends: January 9 2019

Cotton Shower Pillow

Cotton Shower Pillow: Mother Nature's Gift For Sleep Lovers

Cotton Shower Pillow has multi-structure design, natural white clay properties, organic phytoncide oil scent and is completely washable.

Project Ends: January 12 2019

ONAK 2.0

ONAK 2.0: Origami Canoe

The ultimate origami foldable canoe - easier setup // simplicity // good old wooden seats

Project Ends: January 14 2019