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Matching Minimalist Belts and Sneakers

Matching Minimalist Belts and Sneakers: 100% Sustainably Handcrafted

Dalgado is introducing its collection of matching minimalist belts and sneakers sustainably handcrafted in Europe of the finest leathers which are also used by some of the top luxury brands.

Project Ends: October 10 2019


BoxyBooks: Wrap Your Next Gift In A Story

This multi-purpose marvel was created by moms who wanted to give a better gift; one that maximizes engagement, learning, and playing, right out of the box...

Project Ends: October 17 2019


DREAMERS: Unique Leggings for a Good Cause

Helping Teachers Raise Our Future... One Legging at a Time!

Project Ends: October 24 2019

Bad Samaritans

Bad Samaritans: Comic Book Style Game

Bad Samaritans is a comic book style card game with the worst intentions! It's a card game with a massive amount of cards created by amazing artists! Are you a collector of the best looking games? Then this is it!

Project Ends: October 29 2019

G.Y.S.T BP3-20

G.Y.S.T BP3-20: Unique Travel Backpack

Unique bag construction for ease of packing and unpacking and to stay organized when you travel or arrive at your hotel room.

Project Ends: October 30 2019

London W11

London W11: Circular Cashmere

Many of us look for a choice of sustainable, high quality and timeless modern cashmere knitwear that keeps with us and make us feel good.

Project Ends: November 5 2019


Pathfinder: Travel Sneaker

Balancing a feather-light weight with durability, breathability and water resistance, the Pathfinder brings utmost comfort for travellers and city dwellers and is designed with a clean, minimalist look that never looks out of place - it's the ultimate transitional sneaker whether you're out running, walking about the city, exercising, travelling or going for drinks with friends

Project Ends: November 8 2019